Hello World!

13 09 2011

Whenever I learned a new programming language in courses in my past, you always tested it out by writing a simple program that output the string “Hello World”.  It allowed you to test out the basic functionality and see some of the core structural differences among the languages.

I found it so appropriate that as I set up a new blog(recursive), with delicious feed built in, links to resources, twitter feeds and youtube channels, I start with a blog post titled “Hello World“.  Seems to be the usual way to ‘kick the tires‘ of a new communication platform I’ve built for myself. I’m not sure where this blog will go, or how much it will be used, but I have built it to help keep myself organized while participating in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This MOOC  is being facilitated and organized by some people I’ve learned about through both  my job at the Vancouver School Board teaching online senior english courses and during my Masters of Educational Technology (2010) I completed through UBC.

I don’t know much about this course, what it is about, or what I’ll learn from it, but I made a promise to myself to participate as much as I can, and contribute whenever possible and be fully open to exploring what a new learning opportunity and community could look like.  My inspiration for joining this course came from lots of great dialogue online through twitter and also how much fun everyone on #ds106 where having with their animated gifs.

Anyway, its a short post as its time for a walk outside before it gets dark.  I’m excited to once again to say “hello world” and look forward to the experience that this MOOC has to offer me!

Change: Education, Learning, and Technology!

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